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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

cons to wind

wind won't be cheap anymore when they have to pay for access to towers

there's a reason why theyre so cheap, it's because the service isnt that great.

with PM, there are no roaming charges in Canada, but with wind, everyone i know using wind always has roaming charges because so many areas are 'partner' networks which makes it look like its covered by wind's network but it isnt.


plus, both of my phones that i have (atrix 4g works perfectly fine with PM, waiting to unlock iphone 5) wont work with wind. iphone 5 aint that old lmao


i work for one of the big 3 and will probably stick with PM even though my employee discount is starting in a month. 90 for 90 days is ridiculously cheap


i use my data constantly tethering 2 devices when im out and still only used 450mb in 2 months. my company doesnt have any data plans less than 500mb for a month and its still nearly 40 with the discount. no clue how one uses more than 4gb in a month (12 per 90 days) lmao

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

Have to say I feel a little duped as I've just switched to the 90 day (first month done and had burnt through my 1gb due to internet down at home. I did think it was a gig per 30 day of the 90 day plan... It does seem kind of bizarre that it isn't. Now am stuck with 60 days of no data unless I buy addons ... Hence my feeling, believe it should be "clearer"
Mayor / Maire

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

I'm sorry you feel that way, most people grab the 4gb for 3 months I believe.

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

@orangeworx Yes that clarification has been requested. Smiley Frustrated


Hopefully your home wifi will be up soon to reduce the aggravation. I had the same issue trying to use just my phone for data/tethering and finally gave up and went with for use at home.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

@orangeworx You may want to check to see if it makes sense for you to renew your plan early. If you're looking at possible heavy internet usage over the next few days/weeks, it may be more cost effective than buying data add-ons (which are pricey).


However, you will not receive any credit for unused time if you renew early.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

@Rockdaddy22: I'd have probably taken the 4gb/90days plan had I known...

@Luddite: clarification will come when enough folks didn't read the fine print (like me)

@7789849803: I don't think I will cancel my 90 day with 60 left on it... Will just have to run it through and WiFi until next renewal.

Have to admit though, not to be pointing fingers or anything, this seems almost intentional as one would "subconsciously" think whatever's in the 30day be tripled in the 90day...

Oh well! Live and learn.
To whoever was talking about prices being ridiculous here, they are! We're incredibly over charged for data (& everything else really) and it's not because we're a smaller market, top 3 are making ridiculous amounts of money out of literally thin air, brand new the towers get paid for within merely a matter of days... All of this, as mentioned before is price gouging... 3rd world countries have better deals. There's nothing that warrants why we pay so much comparing to our southern counterparts, all the way down south!!!
Mayor / Maire

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

I agree with everything you said
Mayor / Maire

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

@orangeworx I can see how this is confusing.  In fact, when I was first checking out PM and planning to move my line from Telus over here, I also thought the data buckets were monthly.  We tend to think this way since all the other providers use monthly cycles, and we are conditioned to think that way.  For talk and text, we don't fall into this trap since, if you choose any of those options, they are unlimited minutes/messages, so you don't really have to think about a bucket of available units like we do with data. 

PM does things a bit differently.  You pay for 10, 30, or 90 days, and that becomes your cycle, not a month.  I agree that the current plan selection tool doesn't do a great job of driving this concept home.  However, I don't think that's PM intentionally trying to mislead anyone into underselecting their data buckets and forcing them to buy the expensive add-ons to compensate.  That would ultimately be a VERY short-sighted business plan, as folks would react very poorly to it and just leave after their 90 days are up (since we are never tied to lengthy service contracts).  They actually want you to be happy with what you picked, paid for, and got, and to keep coming back every 90 days for more.  So it would be incredibly self-defeating to intentionally mislead.  That said, there is definitely room for improvement.

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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

@srlawren: while what you're saying might be logical, the clarity of it is questionable. The need for this to be obvious is definitely there. In a simple example, if I wanted 1gb per 30, I'd logically want 3gb per 90, while in the 90 day, there isn't that option, closest thing is 4gb... That makes things more "confusing". It seems like the plans weren't well thought... But here's where it's best, PM is beta, so sh.. happens.

That said, one can not but wonder why it's unclear hence the fishiness.
Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Does my data carry over after 30 days with a 90-day plan?

Hi @ladycandy,


I know this is quite a while after your post, but thought your comment warranted a reply that was more accurate than 7789849803's (honestly, what use is it to talk about a plan that doesn't have talk or text?).


I see you've compared a 6GB 30day plan to a 12GB 90day plan with a 6GB add-on. As I'm not a PM customer yet I can't see the add-on fees, but I'll assume your math is correct and thus also your conclusion that to get 6GB data monthly on a 90day plan would be more expensive than to do so with a 30day plan. 


However, I think this is an unfair comparison as we all know add-ons are expensive and not a realistic way to get data on a consistent basis. I think it would be more fair to compare a 30day to 90day plan that triples evenly. Therefore I compared the 4GB 30day plan to the 12GB 90day plan using your same parameters (canada-wide talk, international texting). The 30day plan came to $82 and the 12GB to $216. If you divide $216 by three to get your monthly equivalency, it's only $72, so you still get a $10/month savings. I'd say that's not bad. 


Anyway, hope you're happy with your service!  Cheers