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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Data overage charges

Unlimited Data Plans in Canada

Carrier Unlimited Plan Prices  Full Speed Data Cap Full Speed Downloads  Unlimited Downloads* Best Plan
Freedom Mobile$15-$100
250MB to 20GB in Freedom Zones~100 Mbps LTE256 kbpsTalk, Text and 10GB $60/month
15GB nationwide~200 Mbps LTE2.0 MbpsUnlimited Data Promo $75/month
Chatr Mobile$35-$50
/month (prepaid)
1-8GB nationwide3.0 Mbps 3G speeds64 kbpsTalk, Text and 4.5GB $40/month
Lucky Mobile$35-$50
/month (prepaid)
1-8GB nationwide3.0 Mbps 3G128 kbpsTalk, Text and 4.5GB $40/month