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Mayor / Maire
Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Canada / US plan


@steadynow21  Do you have a dual sim phone? If so as suggested already for us plans or check out these :     or:  use promo code ultra to save additional $25....unlimited call/text 3gb per month. Shipping to US address 1yr $100.80US+tax that's about $10 per month

This US plan and the pm$50 plan would save you about $50 per month=$600 per year. There's lots of cheap back up phones or the savings you could afford to get a dual SIM phone check out the Umidigi A5 for around $125 can online.

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Mayor / Maire

Re: Canada / US plan

Agreed, a Dual-SIM phone with a Canadian (Public Mobile) plan and an American plan might be best. You could definitely find a combo which costs less than your $100 Telus plan. They don't have to be symmetrical if your usage leans more heavily on either side of the border. And you could suspend either one for up to a few months at a time when not in use. But you would have to track your Canada and USA provisions (limited minutes, Data, etc) separately. And you might experience communication problems when you're sitting right on the Canada/USA border crossings.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Canada / US plan


Yes the discontinued $60 US plan would have been PERFECT for your needs. I am still surprised that PM discontinued it so quickly. TELUS has much influence over what PM can and does offer and that plan could simply have been a "survey" by TELUS of demand for seamless US roaming plans. Discontinuation may not indicate little demand but just that enough info was gathered.