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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can't Make Some Calls

I am currently job hunting and trying to return some recruiter's calls. However when I try to do this I get the "Talk is not a part of your plan" message. Unlimited provincial(Ontario) talk IS in my plan, and the number is in Ontario. In an attempt to remedy this problem, a week ago I purchased some long distance US and Canada minutes. The problem persists. The weird part of this is that I am still able to call my voicemail, and I have been able to call my friends. The problem only seems to happen when I'm trying to call a business. The only other difference I can think of between these calls is I'm calling businesses during business hours and calling my friends just after midnight. I have tried restarting my phone. I have tried taking the SIM card out. What else can I do? Please help.
Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Can't Make Some Calls

I think you will need to private message a moderator. Explain the situation and they will help:

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Can't Make Some Calls

Hi, are the business numbers Toll Free Numbers? Start with 888,844,866 ect?

I searched the PM community and found many posts of users who can not call Toll Free Numbers.  If i understand , the toll free number companys control who can call to them, and they may be US based. If the company has a non toll free number it might work.

You could try using Google Hangouts Dialer app to make the call.


Re: Can't Make Some Calls

If you're calling them as a 10-digit only number, try putting the 1 for LD in front.  It could certainly be the same province (even same area code or city) but the system may still want that 1 to complete the call.


Are the area codes and prefixes newer??  Sometimes they don't get updated right away I've found.  Happened to me in 2016 when I tried to call my landlord.  Same City, different area codes (mine was newer).


You can attempt to reset your provisioning by going to self-serve and setting the plan to lost status, sign out, wait 5 minutes, sign back in, activate again.

Re: Can't Make Some Calls

Along with Hangouts, another app you might consider for Canada-wide calling is Fongo.  Available for free to most numbers in Canada, and free number for you from most cities in Canada.


Other pay per use or subscription options in the app.  It's my back up choice when service isn't working for me.