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Call Forwarding on 2021 Province-wide Plans?

If anyone reading this is operating on one of the new province wide plans available since Feb 16, 2021, I'm very curious to know if you can test call forwarding to an out of province number. I'd like to know if it consumes base plan or long-distance add-on minutes on the new $15 plan (if present on the account) for the following scenarios. Without a long-distance add-on, any of these calls would supposedly just fail.


  1. Unconditional call forwarding to an out-of-province number - ie dial *21*1234567890#, reset with ##21#
  2. Conditional call forwarding to an out-of-province number - ie dial *004*1234567890#, reset back to regular voicemail with ##004#
  3. Conditional call forwarding by default is usually set to a voicemail number in your own area code - but some customers, ie in Alberta, use the Regina SK number. Use this list, and set an out-of-province voicemail deposit number: (Reset to default with ##004) - Query your defaults before you start with these three codes: *#61#  *#62#  *#67#
  4. Lastly, whether directly calling an out-of-province voicemail access number uses base-plan minutes, or long-distance minutes...



Re: Call Forwarding on 2021 Province-wide Plans?

In "theory" you cannot call forward from your home province to another province, unless you happen to be in the "forward to" province. However, it may work if the backend system cannot easily be programmed to prevent it, but don't count on it.

Whatever the case, you'll need to wait for the promos to end to find a customer will to experiment. Doubt you'll find a legacy customer to cooperate.

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