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Mayor / Maire

Autopay failure = Bonus Data Gone Forever?

Excuse me if this has been discussed already, I have not seen anyone talk about it yet.


I just switched for the $25 500mb + 500mb, during the plan selection the details list the 2 separate 500mb items




My current plans seems to simply be a 1gb plan, not a 500mb and an additional, conditional based 500mb. There is no mention anywhere about autopay anywhere, it simply says $25 for 1gb.



"The 500MB AutoPay bonus data will reset each time your 30 day plan renews. This means you can use the additional 500MB every 30 days like you would use the rest of your plan data. "


I was under the impression there would be a separate field / add-on indication for the 500mb but there is no mention, anywhere on my account.




In the spoiler it says

What happens if I’m on AutoPay to get the promotional offer and then choose to remove AutoPay afterwards? Am I still eligible for the bonus data?

Once you choose to remove AutoPay, on future plan renewals, you’ll no longer be eligible for the AutoPay bonus data.


This suggests there really are 2 different plans ($25 500mb or $25 1gb)in the PM system that is put on your account based on autopay being there or not. Which may mean that the first time auto-pay fails, or when you have to replace your on account payment method once for just a moment, then the 500mb bonus will be removed on the account forever by switching you to a different plan behind the scenes and you essentially have lost the bonus forever.


It says "on future plan renewals, you’ll no longer be eligible for the AutoPay bonus data."

It does not say "till you re-enable autopay"


We all know you can only switch to "in market offers and plan" so I'd really like to know, if autopay fails or I have to change my autopay method or get a new credit card with new expiry, will I lose this promotion?


@Moderator_Teamcan you please clarify this.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Autopay failure = Bonus Data Gone Forever?

@RobertQcI can see where that could be a problem if they change plans in the future.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Autopay failure = Bonus Data Gone Forever?

Public mobile has now accuratly shown 500+500 in self serve, I have also spoken with the moderator team in private regarding an autopay failure


"The auto-pay needs to be active in order for you to get the 500MB so in case that auto-pay fails to renew your plan it is a different matter - we will need to investigate why the payment would have not went thru, but the auto-pay feature would still be there, hence you will still get the 500MB."





I am still waiting for confirmation of the situation where you need to update your credit card, as self serve no longer has "update card" it has only 2 options