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Adding more US Roaming Data within 10-day window

My husband and I are on a 10-day roadtrip through the US, but we're both working as we go, so we've already gone through 1G of roaming data. When I read about Public Mobile US roaming, it sounded like I could just add another 1G of data when the first one ran out. But when I tried to, the 1G US roaming data had disappeared from my Add-On options. I'm guessing this is because we're still within the 10 day window of the original add-on being purchased. Is there any way to add on another 1G of roaming data, if you're still within the 10-day window when you purchased your first 1G? If not, this seems like a huge issue with their roaming data plans... I added the 500MB today, because we really needed more data, but now I see the only remaining option for us for the rest of the trip is 250MB. Help!Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.12.37 AM.png



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Re: Adding more US Roaming Data within 10-day window

It's a pain you can't buy same add on again untill its get expired how many days left for your 10 days package
Also what else you can do try sending a msg to mod maybe they can manually fix your add on so you can purchase another 1gb add on since you can't add same add on untill its get expired but hopefully if you explain your situation mod can help you out with purchasing extra add-on here how to contact mod dept
Contact mod dept they will help you with the process
In your private message to any moderator include whatever bits of the following info you have:
* PM account email address
* PM phone number
* Detailed explanation
* Community Moderators are available from Mon-Thursday 9am(EST) to 9pm(EST) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am(EST) to 5:30pm(EST)
Here is the link for how to contact moderators

What you do click on link then webpage will open. You will see a mod team click on any name then scroll down all the way and click on send a private msg then explain your reason with account and email address
** I am not a Mod, please do not include any private info in a private message to me.**

Re: Adding more US Roaming Data within 10-day window

Hi @Leducmcqueen!


Please send a private message to @Shazia_K with your public mobile phone number and request to buy the 1GB US Roaming add-on.  If it is at all possible from her side, she will take care of you.  

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Re: Adding more US Roaming Data within 10-day window

This is one of the terrible limitations of how the US roaming data add on works.  It starts immediately upon payment for the add on.  If they allowed stacking, what would happen is the multiple purchases would count down together.  Buying two 10 day add ons at the same time would still yield 10 days of usage.  As a result, they restrict the subsequent purchase until the add on in use has expired. 


I have already asked for them to implement a change that will allow users to select the start date for an add on.  If they implement this, then add on purchase can be made prior to expiry of the ongoing add on.  Last time I check, the labs suggestion was still under consideration.  Maybe somebody else can put further emphasis on this by submitting the suggestion again or further commenting on the submitted suggestion. 


Re: Adding more US Roaming Data within 10-day window

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Re: Adding more US Roaming Data within 10-day window

imm1304 wrote:

@will13am, I just submitted the suggestion in Public Lab:

Thank you.  There is strength in numbers!  Maybe if an oracle speaks up, it will get greater notice than a mere mortal mayor (I think was just a citizen back then).  Originally, I had asked to have a user input on when to start a purchased add on (select a delay).  It became apparent to me that this serves an added purpose of allowing add ons to be stacked without the concern of multiple add ons running and expiring together.  What you suggest works too.  Whatever it takes to prevent paying customers from being locked out of buying service.