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$60 US Roaming Plan

Hi There,


I'm hoping someone can clarify something for me; in July I signed up for the $60 plan that included 8.5GB, unlimited international text, unlimited talk to Canada and the US and (I can't recall the exact phrase) use my phone like home, in the US.  I know this was a limited offer which is no longer available but can someone reassure me that I still have the option to use my phone in the US in the same way I do in Canada?  When I log into my Self Serve the US option isn't listed on my plan details and I don't want to get caught out on my next trip South, as so far it's been such a great addition to my plan for me, and the reason I chose that plan specifically!


Thanks so much (in advance) for you help

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Re: $60 US Roaming Plan

It's a common concern for people who purchased this plan. As I understand it, there isn't enough available characters to declaxribe the plan correctly.


I would like to be able to reassure you as it is likely that you still have the same, right plan. However, I think you should contact @Moderator_Team and get that info officially.


Creating a support ticket:
Explain your issue to SIMON, seen below:



Use as few words as possible to allow the BOT to understand. Answer his questions until you get here:



Click on "Submit a ticket" and the Moderator team will respond to your concern, usually within 48 hours.

Alternatively, you may send a private message to moderator through the following link :
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Re: $60 US Roaming Plan

You should still have the US roaming included with your plan as long as you don't change your plan or deactive it.

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Re: $60 US Roaming Plan

If you are on a $60 plan, then you are on the US Roamig Plan. PM does not currently have any other $60 plan, and I cannot remember any other $60 plan in the past except for the US Roaming plan.


This is a plan that really set PM apart from their 3rd tier counterparts. Too bad it's gone.


Edit - there was an unadvertised plan that lasted for only a few weeks that was $60 for 10 or 12GB. 


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Re: $60 US Roaming Plan

Or check if there is an expiry date in the details, but it should not be the case. 

For exemple : valid until 01/01/2020

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Re: $60 US Roaming Plan

Dig around in all the areas like promos or usage details for any mention of roaming. Particularly the 2gb data roaming mention.