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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: $25 / 1 GB plan and $40 / 5GB plan back on again as of today

@mimmo wrote:

@villellamcmeans  when referring people please make sure you also manage expectations specifically

1-they are informed on how  customer support works here ie community, messaging mods, responce time etc

2-common issues with payments and autopay


Some people would rather pay more but get quicker customer service when issues come up. 


Totally, thank you @mimmo , I always explain why Public is different.  Also, because I refer lots Chinese people that never deal with customer service of any company because of hating to wait or language barrier, I explain that this is self serve they'll need to ask their friends or family o help them with issues as I do for them - they buy refill vouchers and the process is pretty automated after the inital set up for them, which I do for them too.


It would be best if Public had a Chinese language option, but truthfully most people I know Chinese especially or not never bother using customer service for anything - they just quit their service or leave if they're unhappy, which usually is the easiest option anyways.  Mosy unfortuantly just endure paying more with other companies because they don't want the bother of switching at all, so with Public being self serve and mostly automated the biggest hurdle is the intial set up, but after that the automated process with vouncher and autopay is no troble at all for those that won't use customer service anyways.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: $25 / 1 GB plan and $40 / 5GB plan back on again as of today

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