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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

15$ Plan information

Alright let's talk about the Public mobile $15 plan that convinced me to join.


100 anytime minutes

Unlimited text messages


250mb data (when you pay monthly with credit card automatically, a.k.a Autopay) As an added bonus you also get $2 off when you use auto pay as well so it's a no brainier.


If your like me and use a cell phone as a secondary phone for talking then this plan is perfect. I use my home land line for most of my calls when I am at home and my cell phone when I am out. I have never gone over on my minutes. 


As for texting, it's pretty much essential to have unlimited. Everyone texts, to be honest when out of the house it's easier just to send a text rather than call and that way you never run out of minutes.


Finnally the data, with 250gb, I am able to get all my emails, use my gps with real time traffic updates and use Google to search any questions I might have. In a month for me that averages about 150 to 200mb depending on use. So I have about 50 to 100mb extra for if I needed to look up a song here or there or watch a video attachment to an email and or download pictures.


If you use your phone like me get this plan IMMEDIATELY. At $15 - $2 autopay -$2 for reffering friends -$2 for community posts I only pay $9 a month. You can't beat that anywhere. If you need a referral to join up so you can get the $25 credit send me a pm and you can use mine. ( I would also get a $25 credit, just so you know and don't think I'm hiding anything ;))


Good luck

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: 15$ Plan information

The $25 referral promotion has been expired. 


Re: 15$ Plan information


Welcome to PM.

Please note that $25 referral credit expired on March 31.

Standard referral credit: $1/m for the referrer and $10 one time credit for referee.


Re: 15$ Plan information

@bill_103, thanks for sharing the good news story.  Just a reminder, shilling for referrals in this forum is inappropriate.

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