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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: 12GB in 90 days

Just try set up with the communit y

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: 12GB in 90 days

I'm not seeing any difference between public's 3mbps (it's still LTE) and koodos slightly faster LTE. Depends what you'd use it for, for sure, but for just basic email social media type things I don't notice much difference at all 

Mayor / Maire

Re: 12GB in 90 days


Welcome to public mobile. If you would like to ask a question go to the "browse"section at the top left of your screen. Click on it and choose a category you think your question fits into. Then click on the "ask a question" bar. Type in the subject bar your topic and ask your question in the box below. Click post and your question will show up on the landing page.

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