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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: $10 plans

@c70nut wrote:

$5 is $60 a year, $600 over ten years.  I have the $10 plan, it's more than I need, PM should reinstate it as they are throwing away business by not offering it.


Offering it might be throwing away money if those customer would have signed up to $15 plan. Having more business is not always the best thing for Public Mobile's bottom line.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $10 plans

Some would some wouldn't-  I can get free calling and texting on WiFi so $10 and under is worth it, over $10 I'll pass.  


I know someone else who just signed up for $10 on another carrier,  same thing, won't even use the entry level minutes, will opt for the cheapest plan going.


There's 2 examples X $100/year which would reflect at least a few thousand potential customers.   Dumb move by PM in my estimation.