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how can I contact public mobile

so as the title says how can I call public as a non customer, when calling the number they require a public number as for the emailing service. I dont want to commit to a plan just to contact public and ask some questions. Im trying to give them some money and theyre making it pretty hard to do, also rather call them than message them siunce i dont want a big gap inbetween question and answer 

thanks in advance 



Re: how can I contact public mobile

There is no one you may call; neither before nor after becoming a customer. Public Mobile customer support is strictly by email or this forum.

You will find, though, that the forum usually more responsive than a call centre.

What else would you like to know?

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Re: how can I contact public mobile


As mentioned by @Luddite, PM only has online support now.  The best way to contact PM moderators is to send a private message. More info on how to contact moderators:


Just to be clear, even if you aren't a PM customer yet, you can still ask questions here, and even contact the moderators, just by using the community account you have already created.  You will find that the community here is very helpful and timely, and can provide solutions to most questions that don't require moderator access to a personal account. Please don't hesitate to ask.

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Re: how can I contact public mobile

If you ask your quetions in the forum you migt get the answers you are looking for.  Mods are typically needed to handle all account/backend  related issues/problems.   But best place to atat is here, and likley an answer or directions will be given.

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Re: how can I contact public mobile

Public Mobile is a super no frills operation.  There's no real advertising.  Members rely on each other for general stuff and a small moderator staff look after the account tire problems.  If there's anything to learn about the service, it's found on the website and in this forum.  Go ahead, give it a look or ask.  There are helpful members ready to answer the questions.  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: how can I contact public mobile

ok thank you all for the imput, id just rather talk to someone over the phone so everythings instant and i wont have to wait for replies from people. maybe ill just have to give this a chance for now and hope its as good as you guys make it out to be. for now i have solved the issues i had before hand 

thanks- Oktawian 

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Re: how can I contact public mobile

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Re: how can I contact public mobile

I'm sorry, but there is no way to talk to someone on the phone.  This service does not offer voice telephone support.  


Support is fully online, here in the forum, via Facebook and twitter, and via private messages to the moderators.


if you truly must have voice support, I suggest you look elsewhere, because it simply doesn't exist here.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: how can I contact public mobile

@Dagres  & @nockers98

This part of the forum is dedicated mostly to Pioneers.


They still have access to Call Center. I know it sometimes could be confusing especially for New Customers.


Although you have a lot of great responses here you will have even more of them if you post your questions in other part of the forum assuming you are the New Customer.