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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I need my account number.

Hello, I need my account number!!!!   

I want to transfer my plans, but I can't log in to my own account. Account number that can't be seen!

I went to other countries in the last few months, and then came back and landed on my account. Now I want to transfer my own number to another company, but I can't check my account number. Can you check it for me?



Re: i need my transfer my plan I need my account number!!!!

@Ying You will need to login to your self-serve account to get the account number. If you can't login, you will need to send a private message to the Moderator_Team with your account info.


EDIT: as mentioned below, your account must be active in order to port in your number.

I am not a mod. Do not send me private message with your personal info.

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Mayor / Maire

Re: i need my transfer my plan I need my account number!!!!

Be aware that the account you are porting from needs to be active at the time of porting. I interpret you post in the way that you are using your Public Mobile account right now? If not, and it has been in suspended status for more than 90 days (ie 120 (30day plan) or 180 days (90day plan) after your last payment) your account is deleted and your number lost.


If you can't access your self-serve account you need to contact the moderator team (= Public Mobile employees) for issues that need access to your account.

Use this link to send a private message to the @Moderator_Team, include all relevant information in your message, such as account number, phone number, PIN*, detailed problem description.

More information on contacting the mods:


*If you don't have your PIN you need to provide them with any 3 of the following items for identification:

- Complete mailing address

- Email address

- Alternate phone number

- Date of birth

- Last top up date & amount



Edit: I should have known that @NDesai was already on it...