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Mayor / Maire

Re: not connecting to strongest signal

@BGKK5153  What happens when you receive a call? Does it switch back to the closest tower?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: not connecting to strongest signal

I don't know as most often my phone has disconnected from the tower and I don't get phone calls, and sometimes not even a text message that people say they have left.

Mayor / Maire

Re: not connecting to strongest signal

I tend to agree with @computergeek541 on this. Keep in mind that B2 (1900 MHz) has higher priority than B5 (850 MHz). So even though inside your house is a very strong B5 signal, the network will always instruct your phone to search for a suitable B2 cell if it is better than some threshold.


Can you confirm what band you're connected to? If you have access to a Samsung, you can dial *#0011# to find out. Also on a Samsung, you can disable WCDMA 1900 by dialing *#2263# and it'll force you to stay on B5 for 3G. I know it's not helpful for LG and Moto, but it could help narrow the issue if you can get your hands on one.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: not connecting to strongest signal - test results

Hello, I've collected much data and wanted to let you know the results:


Set up: A LG G3 phone ( my normal usage) and a Moto E 2nd gen. phone

1) Both phones in a wooden stand about 6" apart and 30" equidistant from my indoor Wilson amplified antenna

2)Testing each phone with PM & Telus SIMS

3) Using "OpencellID" to log data every minute for about 18 hours with each combination giving about 500-1000 data points for each combination. Less points when phone had lost service.


1) I only connect to two different towers: Renfrew at 20 km. away and Braeside at 9 km. away. As I'm right on the Ottawa river and a bay it is about 3km. across water first before crossing land to a tower. At any combination of phones or SIMs the furthest tower is 6 to 10 dB weaker (~-75 dB vs. -68 dB or -88 dB vs -78 dB)- no surprise there. All further measurements based on closest tower only.

2) The Moto E2 phone, with either the PM or Telus SIM performed 5.5 - 7.5 dB better than the LG phone and never lost service or if it did it was less than 3 minutes. It also did not switch towers often.The LG phone lost service seven times during the 18 hour period for periods of 11-241 minutes!. Big problem there - possible internal antenna weakening?

3) Telus SIM in either phone performed about 0.5 - 1.5 dB better than PM SIM but that is likely not significant due to atmospheric and other changeable conditions.


Thank you so much for your suggestions and help. I'll be for looking a better phone to put my PM SIM in!


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