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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: new phone, no service

@dan616 hi I don't see it mentioned here yet but try putting your phone in airplane mode for five minutes then restart your phone 

Mayor / Maire

Re: new phone, no service


You said you used with no news.

Did you also try the Public Mobile one? Click on Get Started up top and open up the compatibility checker and lower down you can enter your IMEI.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: new phone, no service


Have you put a working sim card from another provider in the phone? Do you have someone you can borrow one for a minute? Where did you purchase the phone from? Refurbished phones have very limited need to return the phone if it has not and will not read a working sim card.

Mayor / Maire

Re: new phone, no service

@dan616  Have you tested another sim card in your new phone? If yes, does it connect to a network?


Also make sure the phone is not set to connect to a specific network.


Re: new phone, no service

@dan616 wrote:


 I bought a refurbished iPhone 8. I have verified it is unlocked with the help of apple. I have verified it isn't reported lost or stolen on I have spent 2 days updating , installing, erasing , and reinstalling. I've done everything I've read about.  I spent four hours on the phone with apple. 

 I place my working sim card into my new phone, and I get the "no service" message in corner of the phone. The sim card works in the old phone.

 Any ideas? Can a moderator help me? I like the phone, and hope it works!

Thanks for the help, and have a good day!



You PM SIM card is working on your old phone.  Therefore, it is not PM provisioning issue.  The problem is from your refurbished iPhone 8.


You may need to connect your iPhone 8 to iTune running on a PC or Mac computer to configure your iPhone 8. 

Was Apple helping you to use iTune to configured your iPhone 8?

If yes, you may bring your refurbished iPhone 8 back to the store who sold you your iPhone 8 for help or refund.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: new phone, no service

Thank you . I am currently conversing with a moderator 

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