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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yet another post about APN

I have a Samsung Grand Prime (SM-G530W) that I bought from Costco about a year ago. The internal memory was too small so I decided to install the custom ROM Lineage OS 14.1 gprimelte based on Android 7.1 so that I could format an SD card as internal storage.


Everything works fine and I like the ROM but Mobile Data is not working. 


I have already looked at the forums and found several posts for APN settings such as this one:


I am fairly certain that I have all the settings correct but I still don't have data.


Here are my current settings:

Name: public mobile


Proxy: Not set

Port: Not set

Username: Not set

Password: Not set

Server: Not set


MMS proxy:

MSS port: 80

MCC: 302

MNC: 220

Authentication type: Not set

APN type: default,mms,agps,supl,fota,hipri

APN protocol: IPv4

APN roaming protocol: IPv4

APN enable/disable: enabled

Bearer: Unspecified

MVNO type: GID

MVNO value: 4D4F


Does anything stand out as being wrong? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Yet another post about APN

Hi @hanchan


Try this website link below:


It looks like you have to leave APN type as "Not set" and MVNO type to "None" and MVNO value to "Not set".

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Yet another post about APN

Thank you very much for your reply, Lg85.


Unfortunately, the phone won't let me save the settings with MVNO: None or MVNO setting: Not set. If I change either of those settings to what you suggest, the APN disappears from the list of APN's I can choose from. 


I tried changing only APN type to: Not set after a reboot of the phone I still don't have mobile data... 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Yet another post about APN

Hi @hanchan

Maybe you can try to reset your phone's APN settings to default first and then try to change the settings as per above?

If it doesn't work, sorry, you will need to get some assistance with the moderators unless another fellow community member with better technical knowledge can assist you Smiley Happy

To send the moderators a private message, please click --> Moderator Team

Include your Public Mobile phone number, name, account number, and your issues. They will probably get back to you in a few hours. 



Re: Yet another post about APN

@hanchan, the APN settings you posted are fine.  Lineage and pretty much all open source third party roms use a universal APN configuration file that they pull from GitHub.  My phone uses the same APN setting on a different third party rom without issue.  If you want to edit the APN, the way to do so is to create a new APN with a new name.  Editing is not allowed, the APN configuration file cannot be edited this way.  I suspect the issue may be something else, perhaps the rom has a certain bug.  Check the XDA forum to see if other users have like experience.  Try posting your experience on XDA and seek help from other forum members there.  Most of the people in this community are not into the third party rom scene.  This is not the best place to look for help of this nature unfortunately.