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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hardware upgrade

When I get new phone can I just take SIM from old phone and put in new phone..


And how can I transfer all my files and contacts...?

Mayor / Maire

Re: Hardware upgrade

@AdamLove- As far as your plan is concerned, yes, you can just transfer your SIM to the new phone (assuming the new phone is compatible, and not locked to another carrier).  As for transferring files, that depends on phone.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Hardware upgrade

@AdamLove Yes, you can use your SIM in another phone. Just make sure it is unlocked. Save your files on SD card or do a cloud synchronization to save files from old phone. You can save your contacts on your SIM, so when you put it inside your new phone, it will catch all your contacts.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Hardware upgrade

Hi @AdamLove 


Yes you can pop in the same SIM. If your new phone uses a different size, you can use or remove the adapter that came with your SIM. Just be sure your phone is compatible with PM network.


To transfer all your files and contacts, you can do that via bluetooth and back it up via USB and then restore. It really depends what phone models you have.


Re: Hardware upgrade

@AdamLove You will have to manually back up your files/photos. Contacts are usually backed up on your Gmail or iCloud account depending on the device. If you are on latest Android, you can back up a lot of things to your Google Account. 

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Mayor / Maire

Re: Upgrade

@AdamLove wrote:

I want to have good camera. 




Social media 

Web surfing and for some mobile pay and banking


Any compatible phone will do text, talk (of course 🙂's a phone after all), data.

Social media is accessed via apps for iOS or Android or web sites.

There's almost always some kind of browser in any "smartphone".

Mobile pay is more dependent on the payment card. Apple and Google have mobile pay apps. Samsung phones have their own as well as Google Pay. Some payment cards work with some Pay apps.

Banking would depend on your bank as to whether they use an app or web. They would support Apple or Android.


So that leaves you with the camera as your criteria for a phone.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Hardware upgrade

As long as the sim size is the same then you can use the same sim.  If you previous sim is a micro sim then it will not fit in new phones that use nano sim which is smaller.  You might either need to resize it or purchase a new sim which has multiple sizes 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Upgrade

Would you recommend UMIDIGI phones. ?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

New Phone

Hi there...


I want to know...  What is the best phone to use with PM ?

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Re: New Phone

@AdamLove , we need a few more parameters in order to provide a more focused response.  Any phone that has compatible bands will work on Public Mobile.  For the most part, best is more to do with wants and needs and not this service.  If you provide some details, I will try to give you suggestions.  Right now I am using a Umidigi F2.  I am looking at getting a Xiaomi for my next phone.  My focus is on value, lots of features for little money.  

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