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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Trouble shooting my phone (android)

This is a question about android phones (although maybe it isn't even specific to androids). My phone is maybe a couple of years old. I use it daily for lots of things (internet and calls and texts ). It has been a good phone. I noticed in the last 6 months or so that it will have very very slow uptake: for example; I use skype to phone Internationally a lot; typing in the phone number it will hesitate on the numbers and be so slow sometimes it won't register I have typed in numbers. (actually this is more when I type into conference calls - not really for individual calls). Also the screen wouldn't change to rotate sometimes for the calls with skype or the key pad would show up only on a portion of the page and not be centred so I could see all the numbers (this is for skype calling - not on the normal phone call number display pad).

About 3-4 months ago I got a flip phone (dumb phone) to use instead of the android in hopes of me using my phone less. I moved (or thought I moved) my micro usb chip over to the dumb phone ( along with public mobile sim card)... I still used the android for wifi based internet and skype calls. I noticed that a notification kept popping up saying that "my data is not backed up" and "storage space running out". So, I moved the micro usb chip back into the android. But, I am still getting these notifications saying I don't have any storage space, data isn't backed up. And, now, I can barely play my music program (spotify) without the music just quitting after a couple of songs.  Is it just that my phone is crapping out and time for a new one... or? Maybe I inserted the micro usb in wrong or have some setting adjusted incorrectly.?

It is an LG q6 phone by the way. OK, if you are still reading this, bravo, and thank you for any tips.


Mayor / Maire

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)

@jadedetrey backup the important files you want to keep on your phone and do a factory reset. your phone will feel brand new after that

Mayor / Maire

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)

Hi @jadedetrey 


Those micro-SD cards can easily become corrupted, causing them to become utterly useless.  I have found it can happen especially when they're formatted to become permanent storage for the phone (thus unusable for other uses or devices).


I had the same thing happen on a prior device using micro-SD for extra capacity.


You can either purchase a new one, or upgrade phone to one with more storage capacity so you don't need to rely on poor micro-SD quality stuff.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)


You should back up your data to your google account and also transfer your data from your sd card to a new sd card. Theres a a whole thread you may find a good read.....

Do some maintenance on your phone ( Is it only 16gb?) get rid of any apps that you dont really need, go thru each app and clear the cache. Make sure youve backed up all of your photos so you can also remove any from your gallery  and remove any saved video as it takes up a lot of storage.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)

Hi @jadedetrey ,


I have an LG Q6 and was using it up until this past xmas (then I sprung for a new phone for myself). I loved the LG Q6. But I did notice its battery life was shortening and the internal storage was an issue with me as well (i also had an SD card, but have not noticed issues with it...yet).I did have to clear my cache once in a while, do a full shut down for a few minutes, then reboot, and things were smooth running again, until the next time.


Check for any software updates, and make sure you are up to date.


Others are offering good advise. Good Luck!

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)

It sounds like the phone is running low on memory. 


Under settings you should be able to see if the micro SD card is connected.  If it is,  I would format the card from the device.  Of course backup any important data first.  


On a bit of a side note, here is a recent cbc story re: quality issues with LG phones,

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)

Just do the factory reset after you have backed up all your important phones. I do a factory reset on my phones every 6 months just as a maintenance thing, and my phones always run great again. I have however noticed that apple phones in particular seem to degrade much worse over time compared with android phones. Something to do with Apple intentionally slowing down the processor as the battery ages.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Trouble shooting my phone (android)

Thank you and everyone for all of this information and advice! I can update how it goes. I will google how to do a factory reset and back up photos.... Many thanks.



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