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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: SIM card not valide

Hi @frnlalonde 

Manufacturer website would be probably the best place to start, the best if they have chat support, if not then phone support would be the next best thing. Give it a try. 

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Re: SIM card not valide

@frnlalonde wrote:

I've done some additional troubleshooting.


Checked for software update. The phone was already up to date.


Did a reset of the network settings. Didn't resolve the issue.


Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!

As suggested try taking the phone to a samsung store or local cell phone shop.  If could have something to do with a recent software update. 


Do any other SIMs work in the phone?   Maybe there is an issue with the SIM slot if it can not read  SIMs from other carriers.

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Re: SIM card not valide

I looked up your issue, @frnlalonde and you definitely need an unlock code. I believe you can get it from Samsung online for free here: Just click on live chat.

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Re: SIM card not valide

Hi All,


Thanks a lot for all the troubleshooting tips.


I'll contact Samsung to see about getting an unlock code. Seems like the logical step.


I'll update if it works or not.



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Re: SIM card not valide

Hi again,


Update on the situation.


I contacted Samsung... They were pretty much worthless. You all had better troubleshotting tips than them. They pretty much said. Do a network factory reset. If it doesn't work, bring it to an authorized dealer. I asked about the code and they said if the phone doesn't ask for one (with a pin pad) that it doesn't need it.


I also tried:

Check and the network is in auto mode. Tried to switch to 3G and couldn't. It stayed on auto for whatever reason.

Tried to manually check for network and got a "Error while searching for network".


It might be a physical problem with the SIM slot. Lost resort it either to bring it to a local repair shop or simply replace the phone.


Any other ideas are welcome!

Mayor / Maire

Re: SIM card not valide

I've heard good words about the online service, don't hesitate to try again later and you might get a better agent.


If you shut the phone down, take the sim out for a minute, and then put it back in and turn it on... What is the first thing you see? Is it an invalid SIM message? Then if you click on that it should give you the screen to put the lock code in, then if you don't provide one does it give you the screen you posted.


If this is what yours does, as the video on youtube showed, it was asking for a pin, but you had just advanced to the next screen.

Mayor / Maire

Re: SIM card not valide

Here's a video showing another method using usb connectivity on a computer. Not 100% sure this is the same issue, but you can look at it anyway and see.

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Re: SIM card not valide

You need call the old cell phone provider (ie. Rogers or Videotron ) to unlock your phone. It's FREE since dec-2017.


I did unlocked my old iphone from Rogers, and from Bell not long ago, just call customer support and there is one option called "unlocked your phone". 


AGAIN , it's FREE. You don't need to be current active customer.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: SIM card not valide

Hi @chuck_grady ,


The first thing I see after boot up is the following message (Free Translation):

Network Locked: If it's allowed, you can unlock the device at distance. Use the "unlock device app" to unlock the device. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet to use the app "unlock device".


Then if I press OK. The following will be in my notification and lock screen.

SIM card not valide.
SIM card with locked network inserted.


I'm never asked to insert a PIN in the process.


The video you sent me is similar to my problem without the PIN. I did a little bit more research and found an interesting video. Apparently T-Mobile uses an Unlock App to unlock the phone. Not sure how it got relocked... I'll try this and update you all.


Video -


@tonyottawaThe device should be unlocked. It was originally purchased to work on T-Mobile (US), then it was unlocked for Google Fi (US), then was given to my mom to use on Rogers and finally it was working fine for 2 weeks on Public Mobile.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: SIM card not valide

Hi everyone!


I'm providing a final update on my issue. We tried everything and we decided to replace the cellphone as it was the easiest solution. The other option would have been to edit the ROM on the phone to remove anything that is T-Mobile and then unlock the phone in developper mode with the help of a Samsung software. This is a lot of trouble for a 3 year old phone.


Thank you to everyone who provided ideas to troubleshoot this!