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Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: Number transfer in Self-Serve impacted by ongoing maintenance

@TerriGreene wrote:

Wow...called Bell back again, told them my phone definitely was locked even though their records stated it was unlocked. Argued just a bit and they provided me with a code to unlock and it Worked! Thanks for everyone's patience and help here. Bell truly was the problem and it just took a bit more pressure on my part to get it working. Thanks again!

I've reassigned this solution. For future, please give it to someone who helped you find the answers that you needed. It's good to hear that you're up and running.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Number transfer in Self-Serve impacted by ongoing maintenance

@TerriGreene  Woohoo! I'm so happy that with a little phone luck you were able to get in touch with bell again...a little strong arming by you and you got what you needed....the code. You know have the reliability and coverage of the telus network, no bill shock or overages and a community thats here to help you 24 hrs a day (yes really....and yes sadly some of us are up at 4am!) and a moderator team that can often have your account issue solved in a couple of hours. Come hear anytime for your questions or if you need help. We will either resolve the issue/question or direct you to a moderator when it's an account issue that only they can access. Welcome to public mobile!


And again......thank you for your sacrifices while providing us the best medical care possible. One day in the future you will be considered our veterans in the battle to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and saving countless lives. We appreciate you more than we can express but know that our cheers  to salute front line workers at 7pm is only a token of how proud of and thankful we are to have you!