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Re: Puk Code

@mjharris, I am not a moderator, but I'm advising you to remove your phone number from the Community forum, as this is fully open to the internet, and personal information should never be shared in this community.


I assume as you've said you're awaiting an answer, that you've contacted the Moderator_team via private message, including your account number, phone number an PIN.  You'll have to continue to wait, as the response times are currently 48+ plus during regular hours (M-F  9am-930pm, Sat and Sun, 9am-7 or 730pm).


If you've not contacted the Moderator_team with the information described above, please do so, and continue waiting.  As this is an account issue, only they can assist you.


EDITED TO ADD:  Composed this post prior to seeing the previous response as it arrived after I started this one.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Puk Code