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Mayor / Maire

Re: Outgoing calls going to old provider voicemail

@slavicazd wrote:

How do I submit a Mod request ?


So the orginal phone number was listed under an old LG flip phone I had with the old provider, purched through them and locked. The balance was fully paid off. The IMEI number I provided on registration was for the old LG phone. Could that be causing the problem, the fact that I am using the Nokia 1020 instead of the flip phone originally used with Virgin ?


I qas unable to unlock the old cell phone and Virgin refused to provide me with the unlock code, which is why I used the new phone.

Yes, that is likely the problem. You are supposed to use the current IMEI being used. Was the LG flip phone a Virgin Mobile phone? And if it is a Virgin phone and takes sim card, they can't refuse. They must give you the code.

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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Outgoing calls going to old provider voicemail

@cavemantorontoThe exception to the unlock code rule is that they have to prove ownership, and if it's too old to prove, or they can't verify it, they don't have to and won't unlock it unfortunately.


Separately ports can be refused for a multitude of reasons, such as different customer name last on file.