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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

OTA Android Updates

I struggle with this one, perhaps some can explain the logic to me. Google releases a new Android version, phone manufacturers take the update, modify it for their specific hardware and then send it OTA via carriers to peoples phones.


Phones like the Pixel and the Essential get there updates same day, which is why I bought an Essential phone.


However Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile take it upon themselves to QA this update? Literally a company that doesn't show tax on the statement or have a downloadable monthly invoice is QAing the code from Google & device manufacturers???


Why does it take so long? I honestly grab friends Sim cards and pop them into my phone when I can, to avoid this issue.

Mayor / Maire

Re: OTA Android Updates

@ShawnC13 did your Essential get the Android 10 update?  Just curious.

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Re: OTA Android Updates

@srlawren wrote:

@ShawnC13 did your Essential get the Android 10 update?  Just curious.

It came out but I would have to do a sim swap as true didn't release it to us right away

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Re: OTA Android Updates

No logic to this other than the golden rule which is he who has the gold makes the rules.  Telus paid big bucks to be the exclusive retailer for the essential phone in Canada.  They reserve the right to butcher the ROM as they see fit before letting it go.  The fact that they don't doesn't remove their right to do so.