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Re: No signal in some areas

@jmak999 wrote:



To my knowledge, the compatibility checker only checks for a single match in a list of compatible frequencies and network types. It doesn't understand that LTE cannot be used here for phone calls.


Either way, the information that I have says that your phone is compatible for phone calling (band 2 and 5 over 3g/HSPA network).


There has never been any requirement for any Public Mobile customer to have band 4 on either HSPA or LTE, nor for customers to have any LTE connectivity at all.

Re: No signal in some areas

@jmak999 wrote:

It's just very confusing to me because I see that Telus has Band 5 for 3.5G/HSPA+ which coincides with the SM-900F's bands as well. I believe the phone's settings is set to HSPA+ as well. (it detects Public Mobile/Telus as network btw)

If your phone truly is set to HSPA-only mode and it sees a Telus network, then your phone is compatible. That your phone was eventually able to connrct to this cofirms this.  Compatibility with this type of network is far more important than LTE ability, at least at Public Mobile.

Mayor / Maire

Re: No signal in some areas

Agree with @computergeek541 on all points. You don't need B4 at all. You just need 3G bands 2 (1900 MHz) and 5 (850 MHz) for voice calls.


Can you dial *#2263# and see which WCDMA bands are enabled?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: No signal in some areas

Check towers in your area

Click on “Start Checking” to see if your phone is compatible.


Your phone SM-G900F
3G HSPA+ B2(1900), B5(850)
LTE B2 (1900), LTE B5 (850), LTE B7 (2600)


Public Mobile frequency
3G HSPA+ B2(1900), B5(850)
LTE B2 (1900)
LTE B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1)
LTE B5 (850)
LTE B7 (2600)
LTE B12(700)
LTE B13(700)
LTE B17(700)
LTE B29(700)