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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

No service on the phone

I was using a public mobile for 8 months and then I went outside of Canada for like 4 months. Now, when I inserted my sim, it shows 'No Service'. I think my sim might have been blocked. I think I have forgotten my account password, but I remember the Email address. I try to go to 'forget my password' thing, it asks for email, I give correct email, but then it gives some kind of written error like "login_disabled"

Mayor / Maire

Re: No service on the phone

After 90 days inactive you're sim no longer valid, account closed and number gone.


You'll have to buy a new sim and create new account with different email address.

Mayor / Maire

Re: No service on the phone

@kumaradv    just like @Jb456 said you'll have to start over again just like a new customer but don't use the email you had the first time!  Some Walmart have a free Sim card promo if you activate in store. Also don't forget a refferal code and you'll get a 10$ credit on your new account!