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No Data for months



I hooked my sister up with Public Mobile at least four months ago and she has no data! If I look at her usage she "has" data but has never used any. She only gets text messages while out and can get imessages when on wifi. Any suggestions!? She has an iphone, which worked perfect with bell but as soon as I switched her the data stopped.





Re: No Data for months

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Re: No Data for months

That's unfortunate she's been without data for that long! Did you or she seek help earlier?


In any case, I'd tried to reset the network settings on the iPhone as per step 7 in Note that'll remove all saved WiFi networks so she'll have to reenter passwords for WiFi she normally connects to. Hopefully this'll clear things up.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: No Data for months

She isn't exactly into technology so it was no major deal to her, she would also never figure out this forum so that's why I'm doing that as well  haha.


I already reset it once and it did nothing Smiley Sad

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Re: No Data for months

I believe it's a 6. I will most certainly look into this article, thank you.


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Re: No Data for months

Do you have her phone with you? Can you take sim out and put in your phone to check if data works???


Have you tried connecting to iTunes to see if it updates anything on the phone?

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Re: No Data for months

@mammer83Swap your sister's SIM card out and put it in your phone and see if there is any data. Narrow down whether it is a hardware issue or a Public Mobile issue first. There can be problem with activation that can cause data not to function properly. If so, contact the moderators.


Re: No Data for months

@mammer83 Once you get hold of her phone here's a long checklist for data issues.


- cellular data turned on?

- confirm data is included in your plan and not used up

- is it all apps that use data or just the browser not connecting?

- toggle airplane mode off/on

- remove sim for 5 minutes, then install and reboot

- go to settings, then general-profile and delete any profiles; details for iPhones here

- check for operating system updates

- remove any VPNs

- reset all network settings; you will need to add back wifi passwords after that.

- try sim in another phone and a good sim in your phone

- LAST desperate measure when all else fails; backup all data and restore phone to factory settings

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Re: No Data for months

Wow, thank you. I will try these things today.