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Mayor / Maire

Re: New phone unlock

@Louisay wrote:

Thanks @Mana!


yup, well aware of CRTC laws. Several stores across the Vancouver lower mainland are flat out refusing to do what is right. 


Im not with freedom, I’m with PM since last year.  Possible to get a code online some how? That sounds easy enough Smiley Happy

Have you tried contacting Sony? (There are reports that Samsung is providing unlock codes on request - which is triggered by the fact that Samsung phones lock to the first SIM inserted. Is it possible that Sony has a similar system in place?)

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: New phone unlock

Have you tried a non original carrier sim? My phone was purchased in October from Koodo. I went to Bell today, popped in the SIM card for Bell and it worked without having to get Koodo to unlock it