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Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?

Hi there,


I have an android phone that is starting to not work very well so I am thinking of getting a new phone. A while back I received a text from public saying that Koodo had some good deals on phones and there was an optional $100 voucher...(if I recall correctly - could be mixing mesaages up). 


Will gladly take help with finding a new phone or idea. Don't need the latest and greatest phone. Currently have an LG q6 from when I used to be with Koodo as my phone plan provider.





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Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?



Telus owns Koodo and Public Mobile. However if you move to Koodo you're no longer a Public Mobile customer.


If you received an offer in past and didn't take them up on it. It's likely expired now.


Public Mobile sells certified phones with a warranty.


Take a look at link below for phones sold by Public Mobile.



Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?



Koodo Mobile and Public Mobile are both brands that are owned by Telus Communications.

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Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?

Hi @jadedetrey 


Yes they are affiliated, as indicated by @computergeek541 & @Jb456 


KOODO tries to draw customers away from TELUS's lower tiered public mobile by dangling phone deals. 


If you are going to switch to Koodo, bear in mind that most phone promotions pretty well lock you in for a 24 month period,  otherwise you're stuck paying back the tab + phone discount balance.


If the plan you're looking for is on for a good price, and you really need a new phone, it's worth at least looking at the price comparisons. 



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Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?

If you're looking for a decent phone that'll last awhile without any problems, take a look at Motorola phones their sold all over the place. Not just Koodo and don't cost alot.

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Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?

@jadedetrey I would take into account that you would be stuck with them for 2 years on that plan. Not that there is anything wrong with that, some people do prefer this, but remember a lot of things can change in two years, meaning tech and services. I fyou do have to cancel your contract youre stuck picking up the tab on the phone.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?

Thank you everybody for your responses! Just to be clear: I am NOT looking to move over to Koodo as my provider. I am just a bit confused why I got a text from Public Mobile that advertised deals on phones from Koodo.The text was from a month or two ago and I didn't bother looking into the deals cause I wasn't thinking I needed a new phone. Now however, I want to get a new phone (or maybe this one is fixable) and so just wondered if I could get some good deal with koodo and still keep my plan with Public Mobile. 🙂 


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Re: Is Public mobile affiliated with Koodo?

@jadedetrey  Sometimes Public Mobile customers get migration offers to switch over to Koodo. If accepted you're no longer a PM customer and you become a Koodo customer.


As for your question. No you can't get an offer for a phone from Koodo and keep your PM account.


PM is bring your own device and just started to recently sell phones. Where as Koodo you can get newer model phones and not pay retail for it as you get a tab and they give you a tab bonus discount. However just like every other provider that offers phones at discounted prices you have to do a credit check and sign on to a 2 year term.  (Or wtv term the other company has) Koodo is 2 years. If you cancel after a year you have to pay the rest of your tab off plus the remaining tab bonus.


Some people look at it as a good deal as they save $500 or 600 off a top of the line phone but in reality when you add the higher prices of plans and being stuck with them for 2 years. You end up spending more than just buying the phone outright from the manufacturer or best buy.


Plenty of phone deals for all peoples budgets out there to just buy outright to use with PM.


Just ensure the phone you buy is compatible with Public Mobiles network.


Public Mobile utilizes the following frequency bands:

4G LTE and LTE Advanced:

700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz downlink and 1700 MHz uplink (AWS)


850 MHz and 1900 MHz (UMTS


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