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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Invalid sim card

when i open my blackberry bold i get the message “ your current SIM card requires an unlock code. Would you like to unlock it?” If I answer yes I am asked to Enter Network MEP code (10 left).  If I answer no the home screen says “ Invalid SIM card”


I have activated and received confirmation from public mobile that account and SIM card is activated.


How do I get my phone to work


Re: Invalid sim card

@G59, it sounds like your phone is locked to another provider's network.  You need an unlocked phone or one that is locked to Telus/Koodo network.  What provider did you previously use this phone with?

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Re: Invalid sim card



You have a couple options on how to proceed with unlocking your phone:


1) Talk to the carrier which the device is locked and pay what will likely be a $50 charge to have it network unlocked.  (You could wait until unlocking is free December 1st but I gather you are looking for a more immediate solution).


2) Go on to eBay, search for an unlock code for your model, pay a small fee, usually a lot less than $50 (closer to $10-$20), but ensure you go with a reputable seller with a refund policy.


Once you have your code, put in your PM SIM, enter the code, reset your device and you're off to the races.


Mayor / Maire

Re: Invalid sim card

Your phone is locked to a different carrier. You will first need to unlock it to use it on Public Mobile.


Don't try to guess the MEP unlocking code.  If you use up all of your attempts, you will never be able to unlock that phone.


Blackberry Bold devices will be extremely inexpensive to unlock. I'm talk at about the $1 mark.  You used to be able to unlock these devices for free, but a website (freemyblackberry) that previously gave the codes out for free no longer does that.


You should know that you will need be able to use cellular data with this phone.  That part of the service is incompatible with this device.  If you plan to use data, you will need to purcahse a new phone.

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Re: Invalid sim card

I would go the ebay route, quick and cheap!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Invalid sim card

Acekiller wrote:

I would go the ebay route, quick and cheap!



Ebay is the best.