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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

In activation limbo. I have an account but sim card seems broken?


I recently set up acounts for other members of my family. But something went wrong doing my own - I went through the entire activation and payment process (just i like i have now done 3 times) and the system crashed on the last step.


I am now in some kind of limbo, with a sim that doesn't work. Luckily I never ported my number from my old provider, so I still have a working phone.


After reading advice on the forums I have got myself to the following position:

I have an account linked to my email and credit card.

I have paided for a plan, and this is shown to me when I log in.

I have a sim card, and this is shown to me when I log in.

The imei number of my phone says it should work and is not stolen etc.

I have temporary phone number , but  when I call it from another phone I get the 'this number is not in use' message.

When I put my public mobile sim in my phone I get the 'emergency calls only' message and cannot make calls.

Public mobile does not appear in the list of available networks when I try to go into my phones settings to manually selct the network to connect to  (i see Bell, Telus, Freedom etc because I live downtown Vancouver)


My wife is all set up and running on public mobile. When I put her sim in my phone my phone works as it should. When I put my sim in her phone it says 'emergency calls only'. Since this test makes it seem the sim is broken, i bought another from London Drugs. I succuessfully changed my sim online. But nothing has changed.


I have been emailing the moderators via my wife's account, but due to christmas and new years response has been slow. Or maybe its always slow???

Its now been about 7 days and i'm begining to ge frustrated.


Please help! 






Re: In activation limbo. I have an account but sim card seems broken?

Something is wrong with that account; changing SIMs and phones has proved that. Do not pay anything additional, do not change SIMs again. You must wait for the moderators to address the problem. 

Congratulations though on taking a temporary number; it's the only way to minimize aggravation when activation fails. Do not cancel your old plan.

Click this: message to moderators to send a private message to the moderator team with a description of your issue. Moderator hours are: Monday to Friday, 9 am (ET) to 9 pm (ET); Saturday - Sunday 9 am (ET) - 7:30 pm (ET). Usually they answer within in 24 hours, but can take a few days.

Do not send multiple messages. This pushes you further back in the queue as the system takes into consideration your most recent message.

Good luck. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: In activation limbo. I have an account but sim card seems broken?


I agree - now that switching to a new sim also hasn't worked there is nothing left to do but wait for the moderators.




Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: In activation limbo. I have an account but sim card seems broken?


So, It took  a while, but the moderators contacted 'technical support' and they fixed the sim card. I can now use the phone, but only with a new phone number - I cannot port my number from telus. I get the message 'your Old Service Provider rejected your transfer request'


I am using the exact same information I have used for 3 phones already (we were all on a telus family plan, with my number being the 'master' account holder, so the account number and pin etc have been the same). 


I have tried every combo of account number, pin, serial number etc.


I have even contacted Telus to confirm the information and ask if there is any reason the port wouldn't go through - all seemed correct to them.


Given the confirmation from Public Mobile tech support that something was actually wrong with my account because of the inital activation error, I can't help but think somehting is still wrong with my account.


I have told tech support and the moderators everything i've written here, but that was 2 days ago. Nothing since.

In the meantime I am paying for 2 cell phone plans at once and getting increasining frustrated.


Does any one have any other ideas?? I would very much appreciate it!