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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Gsm

@popping you should try downloading a modded version of gcam, and test it out. I'm sure it'll improve the quality of the picture.


from what I've read you can have night sight working on that phone.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Gsm


        Unlike other credit cards I have that have 90 day purchase protection my rbc avion visa infinite that i have for its travel/medical insurance now has device protection insurance included. I thought it was for travelling only but its for anytime and covers lost, stolen and/or damage ( like replacing a cracked screen.) It has $10/$15 deductible +2% for each month (since purchase) of purchase price. In the case of damage they may choose to buy out the phone if the cost of damage repair exceeds the "current" value to refund you the value and they may or may not ask for you to send them the phone or they may blacklist it or they may let you keep it.

       You must fully purchase the phone or pay all your phone bills and device subsidy for your entire contract for it to be covered. For this reason despite having amazon gift cards i used my credit card knowing my bf's propensity for losing/damaging phones it was going to be inevitable that i would be making a claim.