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Extending Battery Life


I really like my smartphone.  But out of the box, it consumed too much battery when idle.  No matter what I did during the day, I was charging the phone every night.  I started to miss my really old plain old cellphone - the battery lasted for days!


So here are a couple of tips to improve your battery life:

  1. If you are technically savvy, root your phone.  This gives you a lot of control over what happens
  2. Installl Green Power (available at Google Play).
    1. It requires root access to turn data on/off
    2. Use really long times in between sync and turning data and WiFi on/off
  3. Install the 3C Toolbox (requires a rooted phone)
    1. Use the battery monitor to see exactly what is draining your battery
      1. Hint: It's usually Google Play Services.
    2. Then find ways to stop those battery draining services
      1. You'll need a rooted phone
      2. Install DisableService and use it to disable the battery services you identified using the 3c Toolbox

Now I can at least two days without charging.  Unless I watch videos or surf the web for a long time.  The screen really eats your battery quickly.


Have fun (and be very careful once you root),


Mayor / Maire

Re: Extending Battery Life

@neilselden Thanks for the topic it seems very promising. 

I totally agree that having a rooted phone does indeed help a lot

I would like to add that if you receive 1-2 bars only (lets say at home) change your connection mode to WCMDA instead of LTE as it seems to "swallow" your battery's % by a huge difference. 

I will try a couple of the advices that you posted since I don't know a couple of those and hopefully I should see some difference. 

Lastly (long live smartphones with removable batteries) as it seems My Galaxy S5 needs a charging case and maybe a new battery (just for backup ) 

Big bravo for the post.


Mayor / Maire

Re: Extending Battery Life

A lot of consumers are misled by brand and marketing hype.  But in the end all rechargeable lithium batteries are based off the same chemistry and the same mechanisms.  Wikipedia's articles about Lithium-polymer batteries (the kind built into every mobile device these days) and Lithium-ion batteries (the older, bulkier, cheaper, less powerful, and less safe kind).


There's a lot of conflicting advice about the best way to care for your battery and preserve maximum useful life.  The general consensus from battery manufacturers and battery engineers is 1) always always follow the manufacturer's recommendations (especially when you need to "condition" a new battery), 2) avoid letting your battery ever discharge completely ("into the red"), 3) avoid partial-charging sessions and instead always let it keep charging until it reaches "100%" full capacity.  Many people also add 4) avoid simultaneously charging and discharging the battery, especially when it starts getting hot.  I add 5) always store the battery in a partially-charged state (between 50% and 75% or so) if it won't be used for long periods of time.


These batteries don't (normally) suddenly flatline forever, they slide down an exponential performance curve and suffer from gradually diminishing charge and discharge capacities as they age and the electrical potency of their internal chemistries erode.  Apple states that their iPhone batteries will last through two years of "average" use, and this is consistent with a battery holding only 80% of it's initial maximum capacity (Apple's "low-power mode" threshold) after about 400-500 full charging cycles.  This is also consistent with most Android smartphones, their batteries will generally work for over two years before needing replacement.  (And yes, you can keep using the same old battery for 5 years or longer, with an exponentially-decreasing ratio of happy phone uptime vs frustrating charger downtime.)


All Li-poly and most Li-ion batteries also contain internal regulator circuits and a charging "chip" which is smart enough to safely "maintain" the battery and share battery metrics (like current charge, max charge, total charge cycles, etc) with the charging circuitry built into the powered device.  Software (like iCopyBot) can log and report these battery metrics to the user, a good thing to check whenever buying a used phone.


If you're in a rush to charge your phone then turn "Airplane mode" ON and keep the display OFF for the duration, it will reduce your charge time significantly.


I agree with @zhadj030's advice about rooting the device, uninstalling useless bloatware and killing useless running apps.  Although the specific instructions and apps provided above won't work on every device, interested rooters will usually have to do some google.


But many people are apprehensive about rooting their devices, usually because they fear voiding a warranty or they just don't want to "break" anything.  They can still install any one of many excellent (and free) Process Manager or Task Killer apps to gain some control over their phones (letting the phones run as fast, stable, and long as possible).  I use ES Task Manager (along with ES File Explorer), it's simple and has always worked perfectly for me so I haven't seriously tried any of the many alternatives.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Extending Battery Life

@Korth this is definitely one of the best posts I ever read in this community, very calm, and educated. I agree with you 300%. Thank you for taking the time to write all of this useful informations. Usually You would be reading 5 hours on the internet to know all of those and you just put it in these small defined paragraphes. BIG THANK YOU for the amazing effort

Mayor / Maire

Re: Extending Battery Life

lol and most people say I talk too much Smiley Tongue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Extending Battery Life

Your list is missing disabling some services that aren't needed most of the day and consume power.  In the order from worst:

1. Sync.  Eats battery power like a pig!

2. Bluetooth - disable when not using headphones/speakers.

3. Location

4. Screen rotation


The best thing is to leave only services really needed active, like Wi-Fi, to avoid data use and make sure to be connected when possible.


Not to mention the screen brightness.  I keep mine always at the minimum and increase only when needed.  Also, when you aren't looking at the screen, turn it off.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Extending Battery Life

There is some tips that could save the battery life for your reference:

1) Use Low Power Mode

2) Restrict Unimportant Notifications

3) Turn off Wi-fi if You Don't Need It

4) Do not Activate Location Service

5) Lower Screen Brightness

6) Limit Background Refresh for Applications

7) Tighten Up Auto-Lock the shortest period for your device, namely 30 seconds.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Extending Battery Life

Actually, increasing battery life for Android Phone is not such a difficult thing as you think. To make your device run for a longer time, you only need to adjust some settings of your device like reducing the brightness of screen, disabling wireless network, quitting background software and so on.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: Extending Battery Life

@CecicliaGarcia regarding quitting background software:  if it's software you use regularly, you are actually usually better to leave it running than to continuously open-use-kill, open-use-kill, etc.  It often takes more power to load the app from scratch than it does to keep it idle in the background.

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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Extending Battery Life

Since switching from FIDO to PM,I've noticed that my battery on my Samsung S5 Galaxy has improved and I can go 3 days on standby which I couldn't before.  At most,I can go a whole day,i.e.:@18 hours without charging.

Everything is so much Better with PM!!!

Thanks P.M.

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