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Mayor / Maire

Re: Emergency Calls Only still

@Psygineer wrote:

Just in case anyone in curious here is a status update.

Ticket Submitted Friday.

Account verification occured Monday morning.

Currently waiting for the mods to review the verification.


I believe it is the SIM because after my attempt to use it in various phones with the same results, I now find that the SIM has to be in the phone (doesn't matter which one) just right for it to maintain signal and even then it is barely above no signal. My mother's SIM (also PM)  in my phone has much better reception and works without having to reseat it. A coworker's SIM (Koodo) also has far better reception with my phone than my SIM. It's weird but I am leaning to it being a bad SIM. The only store in town here is sold out of SIMs so I will have to wait for the restock if I am to try buying a new one.

@Psygineer  My recommendation is to go online ebay ($8),  publicmobile ($10) or Amazon and order a sim card and swap your existing one out. It it fixes your issue then ask the moderators for a credit for the amount to cover the card repalcement.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Emergency Calls Only still

Day 12:

Got a call from Telus. Prior to that 4 odd text-like messages with install buttons from Telus came through that had some patches. Seems stable tonight so far, but they suggested I swap SIMs. I'll have to go pick one up. Hopefully they have restocked.