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Mayor / Maire

Re: Battery doesn't hold a charge?

@computergeek541 wrote:

@Oldtimer102 wrote:

It's a good idea to actually let your li-on battery run down completely once in a while. 


Be sure not to leave it for too long once it's in that state though! 

I disagree with you.  Running down a lithium ion battery is terrible for the life span of the battery.  I know that doing it occassionally it's going to make a significant difference, but running it down will shorten the lifespan.

@computergeek541 agreed completely--the worst thing you can do to a lithium ion battery is to let it drain completely.

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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Battery doesn't hold a charge?

I would always suggest to anyone looking into this issue that you first do research into the phone you are looking to use/purchase.


Cheap phones usually yield unweildly results and frustrations in the long run. Pay now or pay later *(within reason of course).


Look at the specifications for the phone battery. They are all measured in mAh (milliamp hours), so the bigger the number, the more capacity the battery has. Don't go buying a phone with less than 2,000 mAh because it is a small capacity battery to start with. Look into phones that are more popular in terms of availability for replacement batteries and accessability for replacing said battery.


Trust the reviews, go looking through tons of websites with subjective reviews from real users with actual experience with the phone you want. If the mass majority say that their battery drains too fast or that they don't have a good experience with the phone you want, give into the idea that you should find something else for yourself.


Beyond all that, the rest is more common sense that others have noted. The more stuff you use on your phone, the faster you drain the battery.


- Full Screen Brightness (not ideal for your eyes and will drain the battery faster)

- Look into having black backgrounds for homescreens and other applications. Most phones use LEDs for their screens so if it's black, it isn't being used.

- Turn off data when you don't need it

- Don't let apps run in the background

- Turn off BT or Location services unless you need to use it

- Monitor which apps have permissions to continue running in the background

- Don't run the battery low or to the point where the phone turns off, it greatly reduces the charge the battery will hold in the long run

- Don't leave the phone plugged in for long durations where it is fully charged. Charge is to 100% and remove the charging cord.

- Use quality charging ports and cables (IE: if the manufacture recommends a smaller capacity charging cable of 900mAh, stick to that charging capacity there is a reason they recommend that one). If you do choose to go for something else, check to see that it won't harm the battery in the long run. Interestingly enough, I have found some great charging cables from dollar stores but that isn't always guaranteed.

- Make sure you keep your charging port and cable attachment clean of debris (can be cleaned off with a small brush and some rubbing alcohol but can't fix everything)


Be cautious of keeping your phone within certain temperature ranges, too cold and you lose capacity, too hot and you risk damaging the cells or having the battery catch fire.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Battery doesn't hold a charge?

It always happened with everyone coz when we are not in our usual WiFI area the phone keep serching for a new wifi network coz we dont realy turn it off when we leave wifi its better to switch wifi off when u know i gonna use phone internet. Another reason is try always to keep your phone Bluetooth off as it automatically turns on when u switch off and on your mobiles specially in iphones. Keep your phone app updates oy to wifi only and use only important app on monile data usage. By doing all these things it will help ur battery to perform better.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Battery doesn't hold a charge?

I managed to get my battery replaced by Apple for free in December because it was working under 80% and they said it was a known defect with my phone so it was a bonus for me since I was planning to pay for it.