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Re: All calls disconnect after <1 minute

Hey @srlawren,

After I read the estimate of 1-3 weeks for someone to even *look* at the problem I got started on choosing another mobile provider, but before I committed I check in here to see if there had been any progress. I discovered some reassuring messages from the support team and noticed that they had not only made corrections to the info on my Overview page, but had provided me with some additional bonus services. I then initiated a 3-minute call with my phone that seemed fine. Yesterday I initiated a 67 minute call that went smoothly, and believe that my service is now functioning properly. This means that instead of 1-3 week turnaround on repairs, it was actually a few hours. I consider this acceptable.


There is still one puzzling issue. It appears that Public is not accounting for all of the time that I use my phone: that 67 minute call today shows up as a 7 minute one in the usage details. I thought I had notice something like that just before the troubles started, but was so distracted by the early-termination problem that I did not pursue it. It may be coincidence, but in each case, it appeared as though the minutes were counted modulo-60. If true, it would be good to alert the technical team to this, as I would like to see Public getting their fair revenues.

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Re: All calls disconnect after <1 minute

@lukevader wrote:

@srlawren wrote:


  Firstly, you should be providing this information to @electro65 via private message, not via reply here.

Umm, I say no on this. It's actually nice to see mods helping on the board like this. We can actually see things getting done around here. Keep up the good work mods. 

@lukevader sure, if they want to reply with a general "hey everyone, we're working on this", that's one thing.  But they shouldn't be responding with ticket numbers in public.  They're violating their own community guidelines about not posting private information publicly. 

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Re: All calls disconnect after <1 minute

Yeah? But it's not like the ticket numbers any good to anyone else. All support is through private message and no one's going to fool a mod into giving out info on that ticket number.

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