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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: payment

PM does not calculate my 2x referal = $20 Loyalty = $12 autoPay = $6 Refer a frend ($1 per active frend) = $6 TOTAL = $46
. SIM Card stopped working I had to go 35 Km one way to the public Internet Order SIM card next $10 (I live in rular area). Now I wasted my limited and valuable date to explain that 13% should not be counted from $110

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: payment

Sorry to have wasted your time, @Lech.  You would be suprised to learn how frequently the communtiy is asked "how come I'm being overchared?  My plan cost is $X and I was charged $Y on my credit card!" and 99.999% of the time the correct answer is "did you forget about the taxes?".  I always try to rule out the simple stuff first whenever possible.  Hope you get a speedy resolution from the moderator team; this will be the last you'll hear from me.  

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