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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i need to reactivate my public mobile sim how do it do it

i was with public mobile i switched to mobilcity i want to switch back to public i still have the sim and the same number how do i reactiavte my sim


Re: i need to reactivate my public mobile sim how do it do it


Unfortunately, you cannot activate the PM SIM. When you left PM, your account was deactivated, unless you did not port your PM number and you have gone less than 90 days without payment since a due date. If this applies to you, log into your self-serve account, make payment, and service will be resumed. If it does not apply to you, you are considered a new customer. Submit your email address on the Beta-invitation page of this site; wait about 2 months to receive a time-limited code; request a SIM after receiving the code, and then activate your phone to enjoy PM's services.

Good luck!
Mayor / Maire

Re: i need to reactivate my public mobile sim how do it do it



If your account was not deleted from the system, login to your self serve account (here) and renew your prepaid plan.


If your account passed the 90 days of grace period without doing a payment, starts when the status shows EXPIRED, then your account and phone number have been deleted from the system.


You cannot recover your phone number and your SIM card is good for trash.




Sadly, if it's the case, you have to start again from scratch.




At this moment, Public Mobile is currently in BETA.


They are temporarily accepting new customers only by invitation.


To join the BETA phase, you must register here :



You will be contacted by email within a few weeks. Once you receive your invitation code, you will be able to subscribe on Public Mobile and order a free of charge SIM card.


For now, there is no faster way to subscribe on Public Mobile. They are in BETA to make sure everything works perfectly before the official launch.