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What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is a free service that allows you to pay for your wireless service automatically using a credit or VISA Debit card.


With AutoPay, you never have to worry about missing your payment. Even better, if you are on a Rewards Eligible plan, you can start earning a recurring AutoPay Reward that will bring your plan cost down. Here’s more on the AutoPay Reward.


How does AutoPay work?

On your payment due date, AutoPay will automatically charge the amount owing or a pre-selected amount of your choice from your credit or VISA Debit card.


How do I set up AutoPay?

You can sign up for AutoPay when you activate or you can do so anytime online using your Self Serve account.


First, you need to register your credit card. Find out how to do that here.


After your credit or VISA Debit card has been registered, you can now set up AutoPay. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “Payment” tab
  2. Click on the “AutoPay” tab
  3. Place a check mark on "Yes, I want to register for AutoPay”
  4. Simply add your payment method information
  5. Click “Register for AutoPay” to automatically calculate your plan cost minus any Rewards.


Payment_AutoPay_Register for AutoPay.png


Note: If you signed up for AutoPay prior to August 2015, you can change your AutoPay settings so that your credit card is charged the amount owed vs. the set amount you originally enrolled with. To switch, simply remove AutoPay in the same AutoPay tab by clicking on “Remove AutoPay” and then re-register.

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Re: What is AutoPay?

Auto pay does not work prepaid cards. It does the forst time. Now i am trying too renew, does the 30 day begin on that day, or do i owe the balance owed?
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Re: What is AutoPay?


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Re: What is AutoPay?

Public Mobile is strictly prepaid; you don't (and can't) get any service until you've paid everything up front.  And you have to bring your own unlocked phone; you can't buy or finance or contract one from Public Mobile.


So I don't understand exactly why Public Mobile is interested in obtaining credit card information.  Interested enough to offer an attractive discount.

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Re: What is AutoPay?

That's why I say PM is kinda like a hybrid of the prepaid world. I wouldn't be surprised to see them transition to a post paid company in the next few years. IMHO
Also, I think they just want to make sure payment is made without any disruption in service.
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Re: What is AutoPay?

@Korth for continuity of revenue, I suppose?  

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Re: What is AutoPay?

I have registered my credit card, and My Account settings show I am on auto pay.

However, the plan didn't renew and my account was suspended.

I logged in to Self Serve made a payment and the plan renews.


My question is "What is AutoPay"


Why do I need to make the payment manually when it is called AUTOPAY??


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Re: What is AutoPay?

@Vanguard did you lose ability to use the phone?  Or were you just seeing in the self-serve account that it was suspended?  If your service actually stopped working, then yes your autopay failed for some reason and that's a different issue.  However, if you were looking on the evening of your renewal and saw it was suspended, that is actually "normal" behaviour and nothing to be alarmed about, strangely.  You would not have needed to make a manual payment in that situation.

If you think this is really silly and confusing (like I do, and many of us), please consider reviewing this idea in the idea lab and clickign the Bravo button there to vote-up the idea:


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Re: What is AutoPay?

It's a strange setup for sure.. You need to know (and remember) that your autopay date is the day before your plan actually renews.  Autopay doesn't actually occur until after midnight (ie. early the next morning) Eastern Time.  So, if your AutoPay date is today, it actually won't run until 1 or 2 am Eastern.  I only know this, because I watched mine happen last night for every step.  I know, I know... I should have been sleeping.


Once your credit card is actually charged, everything is put into available balance, until the next process starts to renew and apply payments for your plan  In my case this morning, my phone was working, and the account said suspended (around 4am).


Sometime after that, my plan was back to normal in all respects.

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Re: What is AutoPay?

The Autopay renewal date was March 16.  I didn't log in to my account until this morning (March 17) and the reason I logged in is because there were no service on the phone.  No call out, no receiving, no text, nothing.


I logged into my self serve said insufficient funds to renew. So I clicked on the "Top up now to reactivate account", then the page appeared with my saved credit card info.  I made the payment,  turned off the phone, turn it back on, and the service resumed.


So is this a "glitch"?


The funny thing is after the service resumed, I got a 611 message say : Public Mobile here. Sorry your plan did not renew because we did not receive your payment.  Make a payment at"


If this problem happened to others already, I think this needs to be fixed.


Thanks for the replies.