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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: What is AutoPay?

Explain this to a moderator who will help.

@Vanguard wrote:

I have registered my credit card, and My Account settings show I am on auto pay.

However, the plan didn't renew and my account was suspended.

I logged in to Self Serve made a payment and the plan renews.


My question is "What is AutoPay"


Why do I need to make the payment manually when it is called AUTOPAY??



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: What is AutoPay?

For some strange reason your BRAVO tab is blocked.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: What is AutoPay?

I have a credit card that gives extra cashback for automatic payments. It works on most things (e.g. Rogers cable bill) but I did not get the bonus on Public Mobile autopay. Is this a known issue, or should I call the credit card issuer and request they investigate? I don't want to waste their time (or mine) if this is a known issue with Public Mobile.





Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: What is AutoPay?

Same end result yes. Although you are eliviated the stress of going through the payment process every time your plan ends. 


Also as an added bonus you can make $2/30day credit (money off the cost of your phone plan)

Mayor / Maire

Re: What is AutoPay?

Good morning all!  Just thought I'd mention that I've seen a change in how AutoPay is processing, from my previous recent experiences, as I've just gone through a renewal last night.


Sometime around 7:00 pm on 'Payment Date', my plan was listed as 'Plan Expired' without the big warning message stating the blub 'If you're on AutoPay or have loaded available funds etc..'.


My service was working at this time, I had available funds of $51 listed, rewards had not yet been processed, and I hadn't yet been charged for AutoPay top up.  Other than not seeing the warning/ignore message - all seemed good, but as this was a lot earlier than usual (normally around 10 pm ET) I started to wonder if something would go wrong.


After the Maple Leafs lost in overtime, I checked my service - still working, Self-Serve still listed Plan Expired, no changes otherwise.


Overnight, my credit card was charged at 2:15 am, and at 5:30 am, I saw the warning/ignore message, funds were converted and plan was still expired in Self-Serve.  Services still working.


It's now 8 am, and my Self-Serve lists my account as Active.


So it all worked fine, but timeline was 3 hours earlier than I've seen in the past year.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: What is AutoPay?

6 pages about what is autopay, wow. Im sure people are doling out bravos to there friends like crazy