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Mayor / Maire

Voluntary temporary suspension

Current plan will expire in early March. If I suspend my account (for 30 days) whilst out of Canada, does the next autopay date change ? Does rewards status change ? Thanks in advance.


Re: Voluntary temporary suspension

@hairbag1 You cannot suspend/pause your account. Only thing you can do is enable lost-stolen phone feature. But nothing will change the next renewal day. If you change your plan to 30 days, you will lose whatever you already paid and you will have to pay upfront for the new plan. 

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Voluntary temporary suspension

Sometimes the plan has trouble resuming after a lost/stolen report (at least that happened to 2 lines for us last year). We had to report to mods and wait for a fix. The implication being, don't bother marking the phone lost/stolen unless you're still going to be away on the renewal date (e.g. if you're going away Jan 24-Feb 27, no point in marking it lost/stolen).




Mayor / Maire

Re: Voluntary temporary suspension

@hairbag1 please see @Luddite's Extended Absence Greeting posting here: It's the go-to reference.

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