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Mayor / Maire

Re: Unable To Make Payment


I think you are correct that youve triggered a fraud alert lock. When is your renewal? You may want to get a voucher just to be safe as moderator support is seriously backed up. Wait times are currently 72+ hours.  Send ticket a ticket via simon asking that they unlock the account. You may want to follow up the ticket with a private message detailing the issue and include:


  1. Full name and address on account.
  2. E-mail, phone # and pin#.

Include your credit card info and ask them to add it for you. That way it just gets done and you dont have to have anymore back and forth if you encounter more problems.

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Unable To Make Payment

Thanks everyone for your feedback, she did get a voucher to get it taken care of and I've contacted the moderator team for them to look at my account and add my credit card so I think we're ok.


Thank you all once again, all answers were very helpful.

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