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Re: Two phones ARE linked on one account..

@ShawnC13 wrote:

@LurganIeUk wrote:

Being a past Telus prepaid customer it is easy to see the PM online account is an extract from the Telus system. On Telus you had to authorize the second account to be controlled under the one “sign in”. So either the phone number or account number on the top right on your were able to toggle that box and be able to select what account you wanted to work with. 

@LurganIeUk, we have been told that it isn't an option with PM and even though it would be so nice to just toggle through the accounts with one sign in it isn't possible here (YET)  Hopefully it is something they can do in the future

Yes, I am aware of that. 


I would imagine it will NEVER happen. Since each account needs its own email and if the same email is used in the Community....that is the link to rewards. 


When my wife and I first had Telus prepaid we both had our own accounts under different logins. Then they offered to allow me to manage hers and then I would log on with my login and toggle what account I needed to work with. And keep in mind Telus prepaid has no rewards system. But if I recall I could still sign in to my wife's account using her login and only see her account. 


It is not a big deal to me. And for those that suffer with not being able to have more that one account under ONE login...then the alias thing is the way to go. Just don't make the alias too huge. Both and gmail offers aliases. Likely others do too. 


And just a reminder.....any one with Telus email will be converted to GMAIL sometime this year. I have not yet been approached. Because technically I don't know it is happening as Telus has never informed me of the change. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Two phones ARE linked on one account..

Tangentially related...

Once upon a time I became a Fortis gas customer. Then I stopped. Then I returned and they re-used my previous existance. Then I concurrently became a new Fortis electric customer. After much discussion about them being the same outfit they said're a new customer to the electric side. Fine.

Turned out I was able to add the electric account to the pre-existing gas login account. Then I stopped being a Fortis gas customer. I could still use the login account. Then I started another Fortis electric account. I was able to add that to that original login account along with the other electric.

So what started out as Fortis gas only turned into Fortis electric only. All using the original Fortis gas login account.

That login account is the same as the account number. Both electric accounts are different account numbers.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Two phones ARE linked on one account..

My guess is that you are going to need a second email address to associate with the second number so you may want to have that ready. Frequently you can create additional aliases of one email account if needed.



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