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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Still no phone service since Friday and no help from moderators

My auto pay occurred on Friday.  The amount was successfully charged to my credit card and shows up in my payment history (see below).  However, the balance then disappears without any corresponding Debit.  Since Friday, I have been without phone service.  I was without data as well, but suddenly my data started working on Sunday, even though I don't see any change in the status of my account.


My account status says:  Plan Expired

My Data & Add-On Usage says: On Hold


I have tried the two "tricks" that others have suggested: 1. Report phone lost and then re-enable.  2. Pay a small amount into my account.  Neither of these have restored my phone service.


I have sent numerous messages to the moderators starting on Saturday afternoon (three days ago) and have not received any response whatsoever.


What do I need to do so that I can make phone calls again???



Sep 9, 2019Credit/Visa Debit TopUp-Réapprov crédit/Visa Débit$1.00 $10.00
Sep 7, 2019Reward - Loyalty Recognition/Récompense - Reconnaissance de Fidélité$3.00 $9.00
Sep 7, 2019AutoPay Reward$6.00 $6.00
Sep 7, 2019Automatic Top-Up/Réapprovisionnements auto.$195.00 $195.00
Jun 9, 201915GB at 4G LTE Speed /90days/15 Go à la vitesse 4G LTE /90 jours $150.00$0.00
Jun 9, 2019Unlimited International Text/Messagerie texte à l'international $30.00$150.00
Jun 9, 2019Unlimited Canada-wide Talk/Appels illimités au Canada $65.00$180.00
Jun 9, 20193 Choices with Canada-wide Talk/3 Choix avec les appels nationaux$75.00 $245.00
Jun 9, 201990-day plan/Forfait de 90 jours $25.00$170.00
Jun 9, 2019Automatic Top-Up/Réapprovisionnements auto.$186.00 $195.00
Jun 9, 2019Reward - Loyalty Recognition/Récompense - Reconnaissance de Fidélité$3.00 $9.00
Jun 9, 2019AutoPay Reward$6.00 $6.00
Mayor / Maire

Re: Still no phone service since Friday and no help from moderators


Sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately, the moderators have been busier than normal with several system issues.  


Maybe try the lost/stolen phone trick again.  Toggle airplane mode on, wait a few minutes, toggle off.  You can try your SIM card in another phone just to make sure that it is a PM service issue versus hardware problem.  Likely PM service issue.  


Otherwise, you have tried all the tricks that customers would suggest.  Only moderators can likely fix your account and hopefully, you will hear back today.