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Re: Renew

@ShawnC13 wrote:

@popping wrote:

@Sharry19 wrote:

For example: If my current plan is ending in January end then If I renew it in April end (just on 89th day) my number won't be deactivated ? 

You need moderator help to re-activate your plan after suspension.  Make sure don't leave it to the last day as moderator wait time is about 3 days or more.

@popping, you shouldn't need moderator help.  You should be able to add money and make a payment without moderator intervention.

Thanks for correctling my mistake.  I revised my post.

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Re: Renew

@Sharry19 wrote:

Just wondering when my number will get deactivated if I don't renew my plan after 30 days?

@Sharry19 to add to what others have indicated... once your plan lapses beyond the 30 days without renewal/payment, your self-serve account should show an "Account Deactivation Date" in the payment panel just above the Account Status section (something like the following):



Keep the deactivation date in mind and if you reactivate before the deadline, you can retain your plan, number, etc.


A heads-up that there's a glitch in the AutoPay Reward, when you do this, if you have automatic top-ups enabled... you are likely not to get the $2 rewards when you resume (even though automatic top-ups will occur).  A possible workaround would be to remove your credit card from the system, and then add it back and enroll in AutoPay upon resumption (theoretical -- not yet proven).

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Re: Renew

Why my number was désactive