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Re: Refer a Friend credit

@LSMRTN wrote:

I do see in my screen shot where it shows the credit $20 RAF, plus my other small credits, but the payment doesn't change.  Shouldn't it be $40 less $20, less $2.00 less $1.00 .  Total payment $17.00 plus taxes?


On June 24, you were charged only 17 + taxes according to your screenshot.  Your total plans is till $40 though.  The payment history is somewhat confusing.  


The automatic top up line -  is what you were charged that month.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Refer a Friend credit

Thank you.  That makes sense now.  I do wish they would change up the payment history to show your actual monthly payment.  Apparently they have to tax on the full payment plan amount first, then subtract the bonuses.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Refer a Friend credit

@LSMRTN you only pay taxes on whatever you had to pay not on the plan cost.  You should have only paid taxes on the $17. The taxes are based on the provincial area code of your phone. 


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