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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Are You Without Service This Week??

"Based on my experience this week, I feel they need to revisit their decision to go 100% community based and online for resolutions. "


This is incorrect. While the forums are a platform for customers to help other customers solve simple problems, there is still customer support from Moderators. You can contact them here:



Have you considered checking if a cell tower is down in your area:


If a cell tower is down, how do you expect having a phone number to call to speak to someone over voice, will be more effective than messaging online? Personally, I'd rather wait 48 hours for a message response, than 48 hours on hold on a phone call.






Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Are You Without Service This Week??

Just to update, my service has started working as of 1:30p EST (2019-05-03).

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile, Address Your Service Lapse!

It's good to hear people start to report that their phone service get restored.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Are You Without Service This Week??

First of all, it’s my opinion, so it Can’t Be Incorrect.


Second, you don’t think all these people have tried contacting Moderators? Please give customers some credit.


Third, you raise a good point, it is also Public Mobile’s responsibility to inform customers of disruptions that affect their delivery of service whether in-house or because of external factors like a downed cell tower. They have not done this. We pay for a service. It is not our responsibility to become super sleuths on what causes failures of service be searching everywhere under the sun for a reason/solution when Public Mobile already has this information. We pay them for this service. If they can’t deliver they should shouldn’t take our money. End of story.


At the very least, with an issue affecting this many customers don’t you think it is within Public Mobile’s responsibility to create a post, or a notice on their website simply stating that they are aware, and working on this issue?? You obviously think this is too much to ask.


I have been a customer with this company company since the beginning, and I have done nothing but praise them to everyone who will listen, but this has not been handled professionally. I don’t know who’s Kool-Aid you are drinking, but your suggestions are unhelpful and ridiculously skewed in favour of Public Mobile. Do you realize how much collective time customers have wasted on these boards on top of the inconvenience of not having a phone? It doesn’t take a week to address a customer in any other corporate structure I have encountered. So, yes this system is a failure.


My suggestion for utilizing another service to make phone calls had nothing to do with Public Mobile, it was out of concern for ppl experiencing difficulties and to try and help them cope. Something that Public Mobile has failed to do.


So, I stand by my original opinion. This is not working. And I think most people would agree that is actually correct.



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile, Address Your Service Lapse!

I am a fairly new customer and have two lines for my kids with PM.  Fortunately, we have not been affected (knock on wood)by the issues that many seem to be suffering.  While others have complained that PM is not the only telcom that have had issues, it seems to me that they are the only ones that have had multi-days of down-time for their customers who have prepaid for their service.  The issues that other telcoms have had are usually billing issues--service is not affected nor for such a long period of time.


With the current ongoing situation of no-service even though paid upfront, it makes it very difficult for me to refer friends/family to PM.  Can you imagine needing to face your friends after they have made the switch to PM and then they find themselves not able to call or text anyone.  Even worse if something happens when their (or my) kids' lines are affected. 


Service needs to be reliable (that's why we have mobile service so that we can keep in touch while out and about) but I am not confident PM's is.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile, Address Your Service Lapse!

I have been a HUGE fan of this company for many years, and I agree this is a disappointing turn of events. It’s one thing to have service problems, but to not even acknowledge, or offer any kind of support is just unconscionable. This has very serious consequences for some customers.


I don’t know if Public Mobile has restructured, or what the possible explanation could be. It’s just utterly disgusting that they choose to say nothing. They take your money up front, afterall. 4 Days of silence is a ridiculously long time.



Re: Public Mobile, Address Your Service Lapse!

I've merged these 2 threads.  Hopefully, Public Mobile can address this situation soon.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile, Address Your Service Lapse!

I finally received a reply from the @CS_Agent :



Thank you for reaching out to us, I apologize for the long delay to get back to you.


We have identify an issue with the $15 plan which was preventing you to be able to use calls and text included on the plan. We have been able to fix this. Please turn off your phone for one minute and turn it back on. Test it and let me know if it works. 


We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.


I will wait for your reply to continue assisting you.


Warm regards,



Public Mobile Moderator Team

I'd advise everyone that was affected by the outage to restart their phones and check if their service is back up.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile, Address Your Service Lapse!

My service came back after four full business days. Immediately after, an influx of replies by DM from Moderators acknowledging my issue ...


We heard you and we truly excuse ourselves for all the inconveniences ”




This all AFTER the problems were obviously addressed by the tech team. Public Mobile has not posted anything by way of explanation or apologies from what I have seen. They haven’t offered any sort of compensation for the money they received without providing the service promised. This doesn’t even account for the week of stress, or all the time (pointlessly) spent trying to figure out how to get our service back.


A week is plenty of time to regroup and explain to customers what happened, reassure us this won’t happen again, and offer refunds for the time they failed to provide service and support.


I’m really disappointed by this major shift in customer service. This has unapologetically been handled poorly. I can’t continue to recomending them. Perhaps this is how they are ‘encouraging’ customers to switch to Telus. I’ll be looking elsewhere before I consider that.


Based on this lack of accountability I encourage everyone to pursue formal complaints to their conclusion.



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