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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Plan is expired, On Autopay and no service/data all day today


Honestly, I've been with PM for 6 years and manage 6 accounts myself and these things just keep happening.  If PM had just opened their doors 6 months ago, I could understand the growing pains, but this is all steady state stuff.  Phones have become a critical service and are a VERY well established and stable technology.  PM is the only company that has outage after outage after screwup after outage after screwup.  It simply unbelievable.  I keep telling myself to hold on and it'll get better, but some of the accounts are over 2 years old and it's continual.  

I'm out of chances to give, I just need reliable service which seems like such a basic thing nowadays.  I just added up all the referral rewards on the 6 accounts and there are 17 connected accounts that I'll be advising that I am leaving.  While I'll leave the decision to them, I'm their IT guy and they all trusted me to come over so I am certain they will follow me wherever I go.

I'd say I'm sorry to PM, but I'm genuinely not.  They're not a "new" company, they need to get their $%# together.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Plan is expired, On Autopay and no service/data all day today

@PlanShopper  Hey, I hear ya! Although I'll PROBABLY stick around here for a while longer, due to the relatively low cost, the rewards & promos, and a generally good crop of folks that hang out on these forums, BUT I agree with you, that some of the issues around here ARE rudimentary, and should have been fixed long ago. To me, this whole autopay failure thing blows me away, given the frequency that it happens! Having a system that can automatically take someone's money, to keep their service going, is about as basic as it gets..... 🤔 


If you're bailing on PM, I suggest you take @popping 's advice, on how to exit the system, to keep your number, and cancel your service without incident.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Plan is expired, On Autopay and no service/data all day today


Always remember we see all the complaints here. There are many tens (hundreds ? ) of thousands of customers renewing without issue over all this time.

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