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Mayor / Maire

Re: Paying for Plan before New Cycle Start

@ashleyb17 wrote:

Hi there, 


I pay $40.00 /month for unlimited talk and text also 4.5GB of data

My plan will expiry and restart October 11th 2019, however in the past when I have put money on my account BEFORE it ends, nothing happens. 


@ashleyb17  Even if you add funds into your account PM will only use the funds during your plan' renewal. The only way it will use the funds is if you change plans or purchase an add-on.


Is there a way to put  money on your account close to or before cycle ends?  

You can put money into your account anytime you want using the credit card on file or a voucher that you can purchase online or from a reatil location.






Especially when My data is done. Do I have to just buy $10.00 add on's each time until my bill cycle starts again.... if so, thats kinda sucky. 


As others have mentioned you can change plans with more or less data. If you want to renew the same plan you need to submit a ticket and ask the moderator team to do it for you.


To submit a ticket to the Public Moderator Team click here . Enter Submit Ticket and then click on the Contact Us link. To access the Public Moderator Team Assistance form then select the Click me! link.


Please help... I dont want to pay $30.00 for 1GB of data, when I gonna pay $40.00 in about a week for my entire plan.


Renew your existing plan or switch to the $50 plan.