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Re: Paying Double of my Plan

@geopublic wrote:

@sandrinem wrote:

I did not change my plan. I payed for my plan on July 12, 2019. Therefore, I payed again for it on August 12, 2019. The plan remained the same: 15 $ for 30 days.

@sandrinem  If you were charged in July and then in August how were you double charged?

@geopublic yeah this is a great question, was wondering that myself.  It doesn't appear that there's anything wrong based on the info we have on hand so far.  Maybe it's a misunderstanding on @sandrinem's part due to the 30 day period vs. the traditional "calendar monthly" period most people are used to?


EDIT: looks like @goldilock beat me to this theory by about 2 mins.  Ooops.

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